No Exit

Jean-Paul Sartre

German by Traugott König


approx. 1.5 Stunden (no intermission)


16 April 2022 – 7.30 p.m., Festspielhaus

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Inès, Estelle and Gacin can only guess how they ended up at this place in particular: a room somewhere beyond life, without windows or mirrors and without a way to turn off the lights. They are walled in inside a tower; only sometimes a bizarre waiter visits them. Even their eyelids have grown weak – this place threatens with never-ending insomnia. Is this endless monad the ultimate hell? How did these three human beings of all people, strangers to one another, end up at this place? What wrongdoing brought them here? Are they already holding the torture instruments for the others in their hands, without even realizing it?

Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist classic is about uncertainty, being locked up and isolation. Martin Kušej, the director of the Burgtheater in Vienna, and his team explore how the perception of time changes, when it descends on people and things as a depressing and eternal present. In light of the pandemic and its consequences, this is a hot topic.

Stage Director Martin Kušej
Stage Designer Martin Zehetgruber
Stage Assistant Stephanie Wagner
Costume Designer Werner Fritz
Sound Designer Aki Traar
Lighting Designer  Friedrich Rom
Dramaturge Alexander Kerlin