Christof Dienz

Opera for children (2022, rev.2023)
Libretto by Gerhard Dienstbier based on the children’s book
The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a Puppet written by Carlo Collodi (1883)

Coproduction with Taschenoper Wien and Theater Granit

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Pinocchio is a whirlwind with his head in the clouds. He is loud, energetic, jumps around, disturbs and interrupts other children. He never stops talking and does not listen. 

Actually, he is a pain in the neck and quite often gets himself into trouble. But he is also open, outgoing and creative and finds it easy to get enthusiastic about something. Why does he wander the world instead of returning home to his father Geppetto? Simply for the thrill of it? Does he actually fight against something? Is he just hyperactive? Is it puberty hitting? In the end, he saves his father, grows from this moment and takes on responsibility. 

Pinocchio Antonine Vernotte
Geppetto André Angenendt
Grille Adèle Clermont
Theatre director | Landlady Anna Clare Hauf 
Thief | Swindler | The Green Fisherman Clemens Kölbl

Stage Director Jevgenij Sitochin
Stage Design Harald Thor
Costume Design Isis Flatz 
Lighting Design Jürgen Erntl
Leitung Jugendchor Jakob Peböck, Victoria Türtscher


Violin Sophia Goidinger-Koch
Clarinet | Bass clarinet Walter Seebacher
Accordion Georgios Lolas
Percussion Maria Chlebus