General Terms and Conditions

Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH

Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relations between Bregenz Festival (Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH) and its customers. They are a part of the contract on the purchase of admission tickets.


The price of admission tickets includes 10% value added tax. The ticket price does not include programme booklets, librettos or the remuneration for silmilar services.


It is not yet forseeable which safety measures will be in effect in the summer of 2022. Therefore, we will publish an adapted COVID-19 safety concept based on the governmental regulations next year.

CONTACT TRACING | All tickets are personalized. This means that we collect and process contact details for every ticket sold according to our Data Protection Policy. The ticket buyer’s first and last name, address, telephone number and/or e-mail address are stored. Furthermore, we store each accompanying visitor’s first and last name and telephone number. In the event of a suspected COVID-19 case, the data is passed on to the health authorities. If contact tracing is necessary, the ticket buyer also undertakes to be able to name every visitor they bought tickets for who took part in the respective performance. If the ticket buyer does not take part in the performance himself or herself, they must pass on the official advice given by the authorities to the actual visitors. By the end of May, resale agents and corporate customers can use an online platform to enter the personal data (first name, last name and telephone number) of their clients and guests. The platform is available at

HYGIENE AND DISTANCING RULES | We apply the distancing and hygiene rules that are in effect at the time of the performances. More details will be published based on the respective opening steps on our website under visitor information.

RETURN OF TICKETS | If a person cannot visit a performance due to entry or quarantine regulations, we will refund the ticket price. Please contact in this case. Please note that we will not refund tickets in the event that a person falls sick or must isolate themselves. We recommend taking out a travel insurance including the respective risk coverage.

Please note: We will continuously adapt all safety measures to the legal regulations currently in effect!

  • Ordering Tickets

    Tickets can be ordered in writing, by telephone, online or at the Ticket Center. Unless you provide your credit card details (card number, expiry date, CVC) during the order, it is only binding upon payment. Tickets will be dispatched upon receipt of payment (by credit card or invoice). If payment is not received by the due date, the order will be cancelled and the tickets will be made available for sale to other parties.

    By purchasing an admission ticket the visitor accepts the general house rules of the Bregenz Festival. Non-compliance with these rules can result in the offending party being ejected from the premises.

  • Shipping Fee

    We charge a shipping fee of EUR 6 for tickets, gift vouchers and merchandise. Sending digital tickets or gift vouchers (print@home) continues to be free of charge. You may only pick up your tickets directly at the box office, it is not possible to ship them on time.

  • Discounts

    For organisational reasons, reduced-price tickets can be purchased only by telephone (+43 5574 407 6) or in person at the Ticket Center. Reduced-price tickets are valid only in conjunction with the identity card entitling the holder to the discount. If a ticket holder fails to display the relevant identity card, (s)he must pay the difference between the reduced price and the full price. The discount for already purchased tickets can not be granted afterwards. Tickets are inspected upon admission to the respective venue.

  • Tickets for Children

    Every person attending a performance needs a ticket or seat of his/her own. Children under the age of six are not allowed to attend performances at Bregenz Festival (proof of age required). This restriction does not apply to events specifically designated for children.

  • print@home Ticket

    An admission ticket is valid only for the event stated on the printout (one A4 printout per person). Please take care to fold your electronic ticket according to the instructions! Only e-tickets with good print quality can be read by the scanner at the entrance gate! Please ensure your e-ticket does not get dirty or wet, and have proof of identity ready for inspection by the entrance personnel! Treat your e-ticket like currency. An e-ticket is valid for one admission only and is invalidated by the first inspection.

  • Gift Voucher

    Gift vouchers can be purchased by telephone, online or at the Ticket Center. Unless you provide your credit card details (card number, expiry date, CVC) during the order, it is only binding upon payment. The voucher will be sent to you after payment either via e-mail or via post. If you do not pay on time, your order is cancelled automatically. 

    Vouchers are valid for all events of Bregenz Festival and for which ticket sales are handled by Bregenz Festival itself. Furthermore, it can be used for all items available for purchase online or at the Ticket Center on-site. The purchase of a gift voucher does not include a ticket reservation. The expiry date printed on the voucher is three years. However, this date only applies to online orders. For purchases at the Ticket Center or via telephone, gift vouchers can be used beyond the expiry date. 

  • Refund | Exchange of tickets for the cancelled Festival 2020


    For an easy refund of tickets purchased for 2020, send your order number (ANR on the bottom left of your ticket), your ticket details (row, seat) and your bank details (account holder, IBAN) to

    Exchange in the webshop

    If you would like to exchange your tickets yourself, you have the possibility to choose your preferred date and places at The purchase can then be completed on "Advance payment by invoice". For the payment of this year's ticket value, please send an e-mail with your order number and seat information to

    Exchange by telephone

    The exchange can also be made by telephone. On weekdays you can reach us from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on +43 5574 4076. Please have your order and ticket information ready.

  • Opening Hours | Entry Regulations | Latecomers

    You may find the opening hours of the Ticket Center and the Service Hotline on our website. On event days the Ticket Center is open until the respective performances start. Evening box-offices for events that do not take plate inside the Festspielhaus, open one hour before the performance starts.

    In general, the venues open half an hour before the respective event starts. The Seebühne opens an hour before opera starts. The opening hours may change because of the weather or for dramaturgical reasons. 

    For the binding starting times of each event, please refer to the offical programme included in publications by Bregenz Festival. We reserve the right to short-term changes. Bregenz Festival does not take responsibility for other publications.

    Due to safety reasons and out of consideration for the artists on stage and the other guests, you are no longer entitled to your seat as soon as the performance starts.

    Guests who arrive late at any event of the Bregenz Festival will be admitted in the interval or accompanied by auditorium attendants. A ticket holder is not permitted to occupy a different seat to that specified on the ticket. A ticket holder occupying another seat than his/her own may be required to pay the difference in seat price or may be ejected from the venue.

  • Entry regulations

    We wish to notify our guests of the admissions policy that is in place to expedite security checks and entry to the venue.

    The following items can be taken into the auditorium:​

    • bags (will be inspected upon admission)

    • plastic bottles (max. 0.5 litre)

    • cushions and blankets

    • all articles from the Festival Shop

    The following items CANNOT be taken into the auditorium:       

    • glass bottles, glasses, thermos flasks, cups/mugs and cans

    • professional photography and video equipment (all telephoto and additional lenses, tripods and photo bags) and sound recording equipment

    • selfie sticks, laser pointers, laptops and tablets (exception: mobile phones)

    • suitcases, trolleys, bicycle and motorbike helmets, walking-stick umbrellas, child seats, booster seats and bulky items of any kind

    • knives and all items defined under the Austrian Weapons Act

    • animals (exception: certified assistance dogs / please notify us in advance)

    Please note (Opera on the Lake): The seating in the auditorium means there is very little space available for objects brought in by guests. For security reasons there is no storage capacity inside the Festspielhaus. Lockers can be found at Bregenz central railway station (5-10 minutes' walk).

  • Free travel by bus and rail

    A Bregenz Festival admission ticket marked "vmobil" entitles the holder to free bus and rail travel to and from the venue within the Vorarlberg public transport network on the day of the event.

    Additional bus and train services are laid on for the return journey at the end of the performance on the Floating Stage (restrictions apply if the performance is transferred to the Festival Opera House owing to bad weather). The timetables are published in July.

  • Online Sale

    Payment for tickets ordered online can be effected by credit card or invoice. Discount tickets and wheelchair seats cannot be booked online.

    If you pay by credit card, the tickety can also be sent via e-mail (Print@home).

  • Commercial Resale

    Only the Bregenz Festival’s sales partners are entitled to the commercial resale of tickets and only with the Bregenz Festival’s explicit approval. The performances, guided tours and introductory talks can only be entered with a valid ticket in the original version. The Bregenz Festival may refuse to sell tickets to or provide replacement tickets for companies and individuals who commercially trade tickets or serve associated networks without permission.

    The Bregenz Festival neither takes responsibility for the validity of tickets provided by other ticket sales companies nor for their additional charges or other services.

    Only the Bregenz Festival’s sponsors and sales partners are entitled to use data (text, audio, image and video material owned by the Bregenz Festival) for advertising purposes, as long as the material is credited appropriately.

  • Private Resale

    It is permissible to resell tickets privately as long as there is no intent to realize profit. The performances, guided tours and introductory talks can only be entered with a valid ticket in the original version.

    The Bregenz Festival does not assume liability for the validity of tickets purchased from private ticket providers. Further, the Bregenz Festival advises you not to buy tickets via online platforms. It is not possible to guarantee that these tickets are valid. You buy these tickets at your own risk.

    The Bregenz Festival may refuse to sell tickets to or provide replacement tickets for individuals who resell tickets with the intent to make profit.

  • Exchange | Return of Tickets

    Tickets that have been paid for cannot be refunded or returned. Changes in the cast or the programme do not entitle holders to return or exchange tickets.

    The right to withdraw from a contract in cases of remote sale pursuant to § 11 FAGG does not apply to the purchase of  admission tickets, since the services in question are leisure services as defined in §18 (1) Z 10 FAGG (Austrian federal law).

    If a performance is sold out, tickets can be returned for resale - without guarantee and on commission. The commission charged is 20% of the ticket value. Accounts will be settled after the end of the Festival.

  • Loss of Tickets

    In case the tickets are lost, the ticket buyer may ask for replacement tickets once. Replacement tickets require a written application and can only be handed over to the ticket holder if (s)he can prove exactly which tickets (s)he booked (exact seat- and row number). Replacement tickets have priority over original tickets, granting only the holder of the replacement ticket entrance.

  • Cancellation Policy and Indoor Regulation for the Spiel auf dem See

    Tickets for category 1, 2, festival lounge and premium tickets including the text "gültig für See + Festspielhaus / keine Rückerstattung" are valid for the semi-staged version in the Festspielhaus in the event that the performance on the Seebühne is cancelled or plays for less than 90 minutes. The tickets are not refundable. If a performance is transferred to the Festspielhaus, Category 1 seats are located in the stalls, Category 2 seats in the circle. Seats that are adjacent in the auditorium on the Seebühne may not be next to each other in the Festspielhaus because of the different seating arrangement.

    Tickets for categories 3 to 7 including the text "gültig nur für die Seebühne" are valid only for the Seebühne. If the performance is transferred to the Festspielhaus after playing for less than 60 minutes, ticket holders will have the ticket price refunded or alternatively can exchange the ticket for a later date.

    Bregenz Festival policy is to proceed with open-air performances even if the weather looks inclement, and we wish to stress that performances will go ahead on the lake even in the event of light rain. We therefore recommend visitors to bring waterproof clothing, but not umbrellas, because they obscure the view. There is no intermission during the performance on the Seebühne.

  • Cancellation due to rain | Exchange & Refund

    Category 3 – 7 tickets (printed with text: "gültig nur für die Seebühne")

    Exchange your ticket (subject to availability):

    • at the Bregenz Festival Ticket Center (until end of season) or by telephone: +43 5574 407 6.

    Get a refund on your ticket

    • by completing the following online form

    • by returning the original tickets and your bank details (IBAN and BIC); this does not apply to print@home tickets

    Please note: If you bought your tickets via CTS Eventim or Ö-Ticket, please contact their customer service to get a refund.

    print@home and Mobile Tickets for Categories 3-7 (printed with the text: "gültig nur für die Seebühne") are refundable if the performance on the Seebühne did not start outside or played outside for less than 60 minutes. They are refunded online only: Just send your order confirmation or the tickets in digital form by email to quoting your bank details (IBAN and BIC).

  • Guided Tours for Groups

    Bookings can be made in writing, by telephone, online or in person at the Ticket Center. The stated number of participants must include all the individuals in the group – accompanying persons, bus drivers, tour guides, etc.

    By delivery of a confirmation of reservation, the Bregenz Festival contractually undertakes to hold the guided tour on option until 7 days before the date it has been booked for. Changes to group size as well as cancellations (in writing only) can be made up until that time according to availability. In the event of late notification or failure to appear, the full sum will be charged. If a tour group arrives up to 20 minutes late, the duration of the tour will be correspondingly shortened. Arrival more than 20 minutes late will be deemed failure to appear.

    The price for groups of 20 people or more is EUR 7.50 per person. Bookings for small groups of less than 20 people can only be made in writing, by telephone or in person at the Ticket Center; the price per group is EUR 150. Children aged ten or under have free admission but must be registered. Tours for school groups are free of charge; failure to appear, however, will result in EUR 7.50 being charged per person.

    Rehearsals, stage modification work and adverse weather effects may cause restrictions in the tour programme. Restrictions do not constitute an entitlement to cancel or reschedule a tour that has been booked. Except for certified assistance dogs, animals cannot be taken on the tour.

  • Method of Payment

    Credit card

    We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Diners Club. The invoice sum will be charged to your credit card account. The tickets will then be dispatched to you promptly by email or post or will be kept for you at the Ticket Center.

    Invoicing / advance payment

    Once your order has been processed, you will receive an invoice by email or post within a few days. The total sum must have entered our account by the payment date stated in the invoice.  If payment is not received by the due date, we cannot guarantee continued reservation of your ticket(s). For organisational reasons, advance payment of an invoice is not possible later than 4 weeks before the event.

    Cash card

    Payment by cash card (e.g. EC Card, Bankomatkarte) is possible only in person at the Ticket Center in the Festspielhaus.

    Other methods of payment

    Other methods of payment (Paypal, cheque, etc) are not accepted or offered by the Bregenz Festival.

  • Sound and/or image

    Sound and/or image recordings are not permitted on the grounds of copyright infringement and the possibility of disturbing performers and audience members. Please note that ticket holders who ignore this prohibition will be excluded from the event without any entitlement to reimbursement.

    Visitors consent to image recordings being made of them and – in the case of photography, TV and video recordings – to the associated use thereof by Bregenz Festival or authorised third parties. If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the audience service staff upon admission.

  • Relocate Seating

    Bregenz Festival reserves the right to reallocate seating for organisational or security reasons. If the seat you booked is reallocated, your replacement seat will either be in the same price category or an upgrade to a better category.

  • Denial of Access

    Ticket holders may be denied access if there is good reason to suppose that they will disrupt the performance or cause a nuisance to other visitors. Access may also be denied if ticket holders have not complied with the Terms and Conditions at previous performances. Persons who hinder the sale of tickets, particularly those trying to offer or sell tickets privately on the premises of the Bregenz Festival, may be ejected from the Festival Opera House or from the premises of the Bregenz Festival. Ticket holders may be ejected from a performance if they disrupt it, cause a nuisance to other visitors or if they have occupied a seat for which they possess no valid admission ticket.

    Cell phones, pagers and acoustic signal transmitters of any kind may only be taken into the venue when turned off.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is permitted only in specially designated zones.

  • Animals

    Animals, except assistance dogs with appropriate certificate, are not permitted in the venues because of health, safety and fire protection regulations.

  • Lost Property

    Items of any kind which are found in the Festival Opera House should be handed over to the porter, and the loss of any items should be reported to him +43 5574 4070.

  • Data Protection Provisions

    Personal data collected from first-time customers as well as any changes made to such data subsequently is used and stored for the purposes of processing orders. The processing of orders means in particular, but without limitation, the process of reserving, booking and payment, and where applicable, the dispatch of any and all documentation by post to the stated delivery address. The customer thus agrees to his/her data being stored electronically for the purpose of handling payment and for the mailing of promotional material throughout the year. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Further, credit card details are not stored.

Last Updated: 30.11.2020