Mondmilch trinken (Drinking Moonmilk)

Josef Maria Krasanovsky

A play (2024)
World Premiere

1 August 2024 - 8.00 p.m.

A coproduction with klagenfurter ensemble and Theater KOSMOS. In cooperation with the Österreichische Theaterallianz

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Sweating bullets doing gymnastics, female chefs mixing moon milk, a bride with a sledgehammer takes down walls and obese parrots fight for equality. 

The most recent work of author and director Josef Maria Krasanovsky (born in Salzburg) combines questions of the present to a fast-paced and absurd series of images. Those who get knocked down, those who go to the dogs are not always on the fringes of society and far away – they are us; they are everyone. Human beings, animals, climate, space, one’s own and borrowed opinions. We do not obviously deal with the devil; we rather deal with ourselves and those we interact with. When we make love or vote or despair or protest or donate … Josef Maria Krasanovsky’s Mondmilch trinken (Drinking Moonmilk) is the winner of the 2023 Österreichische Theaterallianz award with the predefined topic »Deal or no deal« following Carl Maria von Weber’s Der Freischütz. After the performances in Bregenz, the coproduction with the klagenfurter ensemble and the Theater KOSMOS will be performed at other theatres that are also part of the Theaterallianz. 

With Claudia Carus, Johanna Hainz, Sophie Hewig, Benjamin Kornfeld, Sascha Schicht, Valentin Späth

Stage Director | Stage Design  Josef Maria Krasanovsky 
Light Stefan Pfeistlinger
Video Design Dominika Kalcher
Sound Konrad Überbacher