Four stages for a knight

Theater am Kornmarkt - Don Quijote - Don Quijote und Sancho Panza

Four events in total were dedicated to the self-appointed "knight of the rueful countenance" during the festival summer. The opera at the Festspielhaus Don Quichotte staged by Mariame Clément opened up a new perspective on what may be the most well known character of world literature probing heroism in today's world and exploring masculinity and new gender roles. It was seen by 4,603 spectators corresponding to 99% of capacity.

Based on the same subject, a genuine premiere took place at the Kornmarkttheater in cooperation with the Deutsche Theater Berlin. In the play Don Quijote staged by Jan Bosse, Ulrich Matthes and Wolfram Koch demonstrated how unconventional, how entertaining, how compelling theatre can be even without elaborate stage decor or props.

The Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg put three pieces centering around the knight to stage. Ariane Matiakh conducted the fourth and last orchestral concert of the season at the Festspielhaus.

As part of the popular series Musik & Poesie, the Vorarlberg-born writer Michael Köhlmeier approached different types of jesters also drawing a connection to Rigoletto and Don Quichotte. Furthermore, two evenings at the Seestudio guaranteed additional literary-musical treasures.

Two chief conductors at three concerts

Philippe Jordan and Fabio Luisi joined each other as the present and the former chief conductor at the rostrum for three of the traditional orchestral concerts with the Wiener Symphoniker. All of Johannes Brahm's symphonies were played on two consecutive days. The concert series opened with Guiseppe Verdi's opulent requiem.