Fräulein Else

Musicbanda FRANUI | maschek

Remake of the silent movie Fräulein Else based on Arthur Schnitzler’s novella (D 1929, director: Paul Czinner), live synchronization with music


approx. 1.5 hours (no intermission)

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The famous Musicbanda Franui is always good for surprises and unexpected turns – with them, you never feel out of place. Their new program focuses on a classic of the silent movie era: Fräulein Else from the year 1929. Together with the cabaret duo maschek they synchronize and recompose the motion picture and breathe new life into Paul Czinner’s adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella. Horribly tragic, bittersweet, but also humorous amidst the pain and irresistibly close in the odd musical touch-up of classical music. Action!

Musicbanda Franui

Clarinet| Bass Clarinet Johannes Eder
Tuba Andreas Fuetsch
Alto Saxophon | Clarinet Romed Hopfgartner
Double bass | Accordion Markus Kraler
Harp | Zither Angelika Rainer
Hammered Dulcimer Bettina Rainer
Trumpet Markus Rainer
Trumpet | Musical Director Andreas Schett
Valve Trombone Martin Senfter
Violin Nikolai Tunkowitsch

Peter Hörmanseder
Robert Stachel