Beethoven goes Africa

Bochabela String Orchestra & Friends

South Africa in the year 1975. Boitumelo is the landlady in a shebeen, one of those illegal pubs where people in the townships get together to talk and celebrate.

Boitumelo loves music: there's singing and dancing and even music on the violin. That's unusual, because this is a time when string instruments are reserved exclusively for people with white skin. Boitumelo's hearing has been getting worse for some time, which she accepts fatalistically. One day she gets to know a foreign guest who is struggling with the same problems: Ludwig van Beethoven. In each other's company they both discover things they didn't know and become interested in the unfamiliar and the mysterious – it's a dream full of sound, joy and shared suffering. They're often surprised by how much they have in common musically, causing a strong bond to form between them: Beethoven goes Africa!

Puppetry Christoph Hackenberg
Violin Paweł Zalejski​
Drama Kamohelo Moshoaliba, Zuko Samela u. a.​

Original Idea | Musical director  Klaus Christa​
Story Felix Kalaivanan, Amos Postner, Deborah Macauley​

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