Alles nicht wahr

Musicbanda Franui | Habjan

With songs by Georg Kreisler


approx. 1 ½ hours (no intermission)

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The celebrated puppeteer and whistling artist Nikolaus Habjan and the phenomenal Musicbanda Franui will be putting on their new soiree in Bregenz, with songs by the great Austrian song writer, virtuoso, wordsmith and satirical observer of human nature Georg Kreisler (1922–2011). The show will feature lots of puppets, lots of singing, black humour, and a highly original line-up of dulcimer, harp, zither, violin, double bass, accordion and an array of woodwind and brass instruments.

Puppetry | Recitation | Whistling Nikolaus Habjan

Musicbanda FRANUI
Clarinet | Bass clarinet Johannes Eder
Tuba Andreas Fuetsch​
Soprano saxophone | Alto saxophone | Clarinet Romed Hopfgartner​
Double bass | Accordion Markus Kraler​
Harp | Zither | Voice Angelika Rainer​
Dulcimer | Voice Bettina Rainer​
Trumpet | Voice Markus Rainer​
Trumpet | Voice | Conductor Andreas Schett​
Valve trombone | Voice Martin Senfter​
Violin Nikolai Tunkowitsch​