Wiener Symphoniker

24 July 2023 | Omer Meir Wellber

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Until today, Richard Strauss remains one of the most prominent composers. His musical oeuvre is multi-layered, stretching from the Late Romantic, slightly autobiographic tone poem A Hero’s Life to the Dance Suite from Keyboard Pieces by François Couperin, which clearly must be classified as belonging to the European Neoclassicism of the 1920s. The Israeli composer Ayal Adler also likes to play with baroque music. In his world premiere of In Motion, the audience can see Omar Meir Wellber not only as a conductor. He is also performing on the harpsichord and the accordion.

Conductor | Harpsichord | Accordion Omer Meir Wellber

Richard Strauss Dance Suite from Keyboard Pieces  by François Couperin (excerpts)
Ayal Adler In Motion. Concert for Continuo and large orchestra (world premiere)
Richard Strauss A Hero’s Life. Tone poem for large orchestra E-Flat major, op. 40

DURATION approx. 2 hours (with intermission)

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