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Ordering Tickets
How do I order?

Tickets can be ordered online, by letter, by telephone or in person at the Ticket Center. Unless credit card details (card number, expiry date, CVC verification code) were given when placing the order, the order is not valid and binding until payment has been received. If payment is not received by the due date, the order will be cancelled and the tickets will go back on sale.

When can I order tickets for next season?

Advance sales for the 2018 season start on 20 August 2017 at 9 pm. Tickets can then be booked online, over the phone or at the ticket office. Our opening times can be found here.

Since our sponsors, Cercle members and Friends enjoy priority booking until the end of September, tickets to premieres, Festival Lounge and Premium tickets go on sale to the general public on 16 October 2017.

When is the Ticket Center open?

The box office is open at the times stated on the website (also for telephone bookings). For events in the Festspielhaus and on the Lake Stage, the Ticket Center remains open all day until the show starts. For performances not taking place at the Festspielhaus, the respective box office opens one hour before the scheduled start time.

In my order I booked the wrong event / no. of tickets / ticket category. What can I do?

Processing of your order begins automatically as soon as you send it. You can check the status of your order by contacting the Ticket Center, preferably by phone +43 5574 4076. We will be happy to help to the extent this is possible.

How are my tickets dispatched?

They are sent by the Austrian postal service as soon as payment has been received. If you choose the "print@home" option, tickets (or vouchers) will be sent by e-mail.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery of tickets by post is free of charge. However if the value of the tickets, vouchers or articles purchased is less than EUR 20, EUR 5 postage will be charged. Alternatively, tickets that have already been paid for can be collected at the Ticket Center if they cannot be delivered in time or if the customer specifically requests it.

Can the delivery address be different from the invoice address?

Yes, it can. Don't forget to e-mail us the delivery address (ticket@bregenzerfestspiele.com)  as soon as you have placed your order.

My tickets have not arrived. What should I do?

Mail delivery times can vary considerably, so please be patient. If your order has not arrived 7 business days after being dispatched, please call the Ticket Center on +43 5574 4076.

The postal service needs up to five weeks to return undelivered items to us. If ordered tickets are neither delivered to you nor returned to us, we will of course issue you with replacement tickets.

In the case of non-delivery of a print@home ticket, please notify us by e-mail (ticket@bregenzerfestspiele.com).

Return | Loss of tickets
Can I return my tickets?

Changes in the cast or the programme do not entitle holders to return or exchange their admission tickets. In the event of such changes, the Bregenz Festival will do all it can, within reason, to inform ticket purchasers.

If a performance is sold out, tickets can be returned for resale – without guarantee and on commission. The commission charged is 20 % of the ticket value. All accounts will be settled after the festival ends.

I've lost my tickets. Can I attend the performance anyway?

A replacement ticket can be issued, once only, if a customer loses a ticket. Replacement tickets must be applied for in writing. One will only be issued if the customer can prove satisfactorily which ticket (s)he purchased (specific row and seat number). Anyone in possession of the original ticket must give the seat up to the holder of the replacement ticket.

How much does an admission ticket cost?

Ticket prices for the various events can be found here.

What discounts are available?

Details about price reductions can be found here.

Do I need a ticket for my child?

Every audience member needs to have a ticket and a seat of his/her own. Children are allowed into Bregenz Festival events if aged 6 or over (proof of age required). This restriction does not apply to specially designated children's events.

I have a reduced-price ticket but need a full-price one!

You can pay the difference at the Ticket Center (in the Festspielhaus, next to the Lake Stage) on the day of the event. (This does not apply to events on the crossculture programme.)

Am I permitted to make the price on my ticket illegible?

Please don't black the price out. Instead cover it with an adhesive label that can be removed.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Vouchers are available from the festival for any value you choose. They are valid for three years. If you wish to buy a festival voucher, let us know what value you require and give us your full address and telephone number. You will then be sent an invoice, and after payment has been received the voucher will be posted to you. If you need the voucher sooner, you can pay by credit card. In that case you can specify delivery by post or by e-mail. For more information click here.

Is it possible to visit the Lake Stage and/or the Festspielhaus?

Yes, guided tours take place from 29 May to 17 July every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m. From 19 July, tours are offered daily at 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 1.30, 2.30 and 3.30.

Free admission for children aged 10 or under

Rehearsals, construction work and inclement weather may cause restrictions in the tour programme. Restrictions do not entitle purchasers to return or exchange their tickets.

Do you offer any introductory talks?

For the opera on the lake: in the Festspielhaus at 7 and 7.30 p.m. on the day of performance.
For the opera at the Festspielhaus: in the Festspielhaus 45 minutes before the performance begins.


Introductory talks for the orchestral concerts start 45 minutes before the performance and are free of charge.

How to get there
I'm coming by car. Where can I park?

If you're coming by car, there are several big car parks in Bregenz (parking charges apply). Please look out for the parking management system on the approach roads to the town: it will guide you to car parks with free spaces. The Festspielhaus and the Lake Stage are at most 15 minutes' walk away (see map). Please note: you need to buy a "vignette" – motorway toll sticker – to travel on the Autobahn in Austria. More info at: www.asfinag.at.

Parking spaces for the disabled: There are some parking spaces for the disabled located right beside the Festspielhaus, but they are public and cannot be reserved by the Bregenz Festival or its guests.

Is there an airport in Bregenz?

Unfortunately not, but Altenrhein Airport is only 30 minutes away from Bregenz. People's, the Austrian regional airline based in Altenrhein, offers 4x daily direct connections from to the Region Lake of Constance. The regional airport of St. Gallen-Altenrhein is an international hub for commercial, business & private aviation. www.peoples.at

Other airports:
Bodensee Airport in Friedrichshafen, 32 km | Allgäu Airport in Memmingen, 75 km | Zurich Airport, 120 km

Is free travel on public transport included in the ticket price?

A Bregenz Festival admission ticket marked "vmobil" entitles the holder to free bus and train travel within the Vorarlberg public transport network on the day of the event. The central bus/coach station and train station are only five minutes' walk from the festival grounds. Just follow the signs to the Festspielhaus! On every day with an opera performance, additional bus and train services are laid on for the return journey (restrictions are possible if the Lake Stage show takes place indoors as a result of bad weather).


Is it possible to arrive by ship?

From Lochau | Kaiserstrand

A passenger ships operates on the days of a Lake Stage performance to ferry guests from Lochau/Kaiserstrand to Bregenz harbour. Bookable from Vorarlberg Lines on tel. +43 5574 42868230 or online.

Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe

A passenger ship operates on the days of a Lake Stage performance to ferry guests from Lindau (at 7.30 p.m.) and Bad Schachen (at 7.55 p.m.) to Bregenz and back again after the show. The ship moors directly at the Lake Stage. Purchase your crossing directly from the shipping company Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe (www.bsb.de).

Travel to the Bregenz Festival on board the motor ship "Graf Zeppelin", departing from Konstanz at 4.45 p.m. and stopping at Meersburg and Friedrichshafen, and mooring directly at the Lake Stage. Festival dinner included. After the show the motor ship will pick you up from the Lake Stage and take you back to Konstanz. Alternatively, book the outward journey on the passenger ship and return by bus (service available from the harbours between Überlingen and Wasserburg inclusive).

Konstanz T +49 7531 3640 389
Friedrichshafen T +49 7541 9238 389
Lindau T +49 8382 27584 10 (ab April)

Paddle steamer "Hohentwiel"

Begin your evening at the Bregenz Festival in leisurely style aboard the paddle steamer "Hohentwiel". The pleasure cruise lasts three hours – from 6 to 9 p.m. – and includes a 4-course festival dinner followed by a cheese buffet. You disembark directly at the Lake Stage.

Click here for a video of the paddle steamer.

T +43 5574 63560
F +43 5574 635633

MS Sonnenkönigin - Komitee Mo Eventservice Gmbh

In fact it's a ship. But if you want it can also be a concert hall, theatre, gala hall, catwalk or conference centre. Whatever the function, it's probably the most exclusive location in the entire Lake Constance region. Introducing the "Sonnenkönigin" (Sun Queen), a motor ship that is a milestone in the maritime history of Lake Constance. Futuristic in design, unmatched in size.

T +43 5574 53700

I'm a wheelchair user. Are there special spaces for me?

The Bregenz Festival has special spaces reserved for wheelchair users and the person accompanying them. These spaces are located right next to Entrance H (in front of normal seating in categories 4/5H and 6G).

There are two types of admission ticket, subject to availability:

  • "House tickets" (price per person: Sun - Thu EUR 51, Fri EUR 61, Sat EUR 71): if the performance on the Lake Stage is cancelled or plays for less than 90 minutes, these tickets are valid for the semi-staged performance of Carmen in the Festspielhaus and shall not be refunded.
  • "Lake tickets" (price per person: Sun - Thu EUR 30, Fri EUR 40, Sat EUR 50) are valid solely for the performance on the Lake Stage. Ticket holders shall be offered a refund of the face value of their ticket (or receive a ticket to a later performance) in the event that the Lake Stage performance is transferred to the Festspielhaus after playing on the Lake Stage for less than 60 minutes or not playing at all.

For organisational reasons, spaces for wheelchair users can only be booked by telephone +43 5574 407 6.


I need to use a mobility aid. Are the special spaces for me?

Bregenz Festival has special spaces reserved only for wheelchair users and the person accompanying them. If you are a mobility aid user, let us know when you make your order by telephone. We will take your needs into account in selecting seating, subject to availability.

Please note that your walking or mobility aid cannot remain in the seating area during the performance. If you contact audience services on the evening of the performance, they will be happy to assist.

Please note that Bregenz Festival has no walking aids or wheelchairs available for loan.

Where is there barrier-free parking?

Right in front of the Festspielhaus, in Parkplatz Ost, there are some parking spaces for the disabled, but they are public and cannot be reserved by Bregenz Festival or our visitors. We therefore advise visitors to arrive early. The distance from Parkplatz Ost to the main entrance of the Festspielhaus is about 200m. Owing to safety regulations, the access road to the main entrance cannot be used because it has to be kept clear at all times for the emergency services.

Parking Map

Wireless device for visitors with impaired hearing
What services do you offer for people who are hard of hearing?

We offer several different hearing enhancement solutions. One and the same device provides an unimpaired hearing experience for visitors, both in the Festspielhaus and the Lake Stage auditorium.

If you already possess a Sennheiser EW 300 bodypack transmitter, then you can use your own device. Our transmission frequency is 518.400 MHz.

If you don't have this device, please speak to the audience service personnel in the entrance foyer (main entrance).

The receiver is worn on the user's body and is operated by an on/off switch and volume control.

Visitors have a choice of 3 hearing device options:

  • Induction coupler, comfort level 1
    The induction couplers are worn directly behind the ear, very close to the hearing device. The red coupler is for the right ear, the black one for the left. This option delivers maximum comfort.
  • Ring or neck loop, comfort level 2
    This is worn around the neck like a necklace and transmits the signal from there to the hearing device. It can also be worn under the shirt or blouse.

NB: for both variants it must be possible to switch the hearing device to "induction" (T position).

  • Headphones
    Hi-fi headphones provide acoustic support for visitors with slightly impaired hearing but are also suitable for people who are not hard of hearing. A noise-guard secures against any damage to hearing. A variety of devices are available: Walkman earpieces, lightweight headphones and comfortable neckband headphones.
Visitors guidance system for the partially sighted
I'm visually impaired. Can I move "freely" through the festival building anyway?

There is signage appropriate for the partially sighted on handrails and in the lifts throughout the visitor area. Textured flooring guides these visitors safely round the Festspielhaus.

What am I not allowed to take inside the venue?

Visitors are not permitted to take food and drink onto the premises and consume it there.

Animals are not permitted at the venues owing to safety and fire protection regulations.

When do the doors open?

As a rule, visitors are admitted one hour before the show begins on the Lake Stage, and half an hour before curtain-up in the Festspielhaus. Admission may be delayed if the production team judges it necessary.

Visitors who arrive late at any Bregenz Festival event will be admitted only in the interval or accompanied by audience service personnel.

Is smoking permitted during the performance?

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Can I film the performance or take photos?

The making of sound and image recordings of performances is forbidden for copyright reasons and because it may disturb performers and audience members. We wish to point out that visitors who disregard this prohibition will be ejected from the venue without entitlement to a refund.

What happens to lost property?

Items of any kind that are found in the Festspielhaus grounds should be handed in at the porter's office. The loss of any items should be reported there too (tel. +43 5574 407 0).

Opera on the lake
The weather forecast is really bad. Will the performance go ahead?

The opera on the Lake Stage is an open-air event. The special atmosphere of the Lake Stage is appreciated by visitors from all round the world.

The decision on whether or not to go ahead with a performance on the Lake Stage is taken shortly before it is scheduled to start.

In spite of today's high-quality forecasting technology, it is still difficult to determine exactly how the meteorological situation will develop. For this reason we always need to decide on the basis of the current weather situation. From 8 p.m. weather updates are broadcast regularly on loudspeakers around the festival grounds. There may be delays and interruptions due to bad weather. We therefore recommend our visitors bring warm, rainproof clothing.

The performance was cancelled. How do I get a refund?

Tickets for Category 1, 2, the Festival Lounge and Premium tickets (printed with the text "gültig für See + Haus") are also valid for the semi-staged performance in the Festspielhaus and therefore cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Category 3–7 tickets (printed with the text "gültig nur für die Seebühne")

  • can be exchanged, subject to availability, at the Bregenz Festival Ticket Center (until the end of the season) or by telephone: +43 5574 407 6.

Alternatively you can return them for a refund:

  • by completing our online refund form,
  • by approaching the ticket agency (eventim, Ö-Ticket) from which you bought your ticket,
  • Print@home and Mobile Tickets for Categories 3–7 (printed with the text "gültig nur für die Seebühne") are refundable, online only, if the Lake Stage show played for less than 60 minutes or did not play at all. Please send your Confirmation of Order or the ticket digitally by e-mail to clearing@bregenzerfestspiele.com, quoting your bank details (IBAN and BIC).

Please note: you must submit the original ticket in order to exchange it or get a refund.

Around and about the Bregenz Festival
Are there any package deals (tickets plus hotel)?

Looking for a package deal for your trip to the Bregenz Festival? Attractive all-inclusive offers and hotel arrangements can really add to your holiday experience.

Our partners Bodensee-Vorarlberg-Tourismus and Bregenzerwald-Tourismus offer some great arrangements. Every destination is unique unto itself.

Bodensee-Vorarlberg-Tourismus, Römerstraße 2, 6900 Bregenz
T +43 5574 43443 oder office@bodensee-vorarlberg.com

Bregenzerwald Tourismus, Impulszentrum 1135, 6863 Egg
T +43 5512 2365 oder info@bregenzerwald.at

Is there anything else I shouldn't miss?

Discover a unique symbiosis between culture and nature: opera on the world's largest lake stage, the Kunsthaus Bregenz arts centre, a cruise on Lake Constance, a visit to Mainau, the island of flowers, a cable-car ride up Pfänder mountain behind the town, hiking in Bregenz Forest and much more besides. For more information contact the regional tourist board Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus, tel. +43 5574 43443 or Stadtmarketing Bregenz, tel. +43 5574 49590.

If you're looking for the perfect way to round off your day at the festival, then why not enjoy a small wager in the nearby Casino Bregenz? An elegant evening at the casino or a casual afternoon in the jackpot casino – there are thousands of reasons to visit Casino Bregenz. Info on tel. +43 5574 451 27 or at www.casinos.at.

Where can we eat at the festival?

Make the most of an early arrival and get properly into the mood for the festival with a generous buffet in the Gastronomiezelt marquee or with a delicious meal in the à la carte restaurant "buehnedrei"!

Opening hours: Gastronomiepark from 21 July to 21 August 2016, from 6 p.m. on days with a Lake Stage performance. Restaurant „buehnedrei“ from 11 a.m. Reservations: tel. +43 5574 407 279 or office@eventz-hospitality.com.

Other restaurants in Bregenz are listed here.

Any questions we haven't answered?

If you can't find what you're looking for in our FAQs, please contact us. Our office hours are 9 to 5, Mon–Fri.

Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH
Vertrieb | Ticket Center
Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 1, A - 6900 Bregenz

T +43 5574 407 6
F +43 5574 407 400

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