The Magic Flute - premiere on 24 July 2014, 9.15 p.m.

Be our guest around the clock: follow the construction of the lake stage, look in on the rehearsals and even see the show itself! Our webcam image of the stage is updated every two minutes.

The Magic Flute stage is full of surprising details and special effects. The dome - mounted on a turning platform and operated by winch - can revolve by 360 degrees during performances. As it does so, the different worlds of the Queen of the Night and Sarastro come into view. For Sarastro, a door opens in a golden hemispherical mound on the dome. When the Queen appears, the doorway is sealed by an eye that is 68 m3 big and is hoisted onto the dome by a deck crane positioned at the back of the stage. The Queen rises up through the iris on a lift that can attain the majestic height of 2.8 metres.

The Queen's realm is green and covered with 125 leaves of grass made of parachute silk and inflated by a low-noise pump inside the dome. The tallest blade of grass measures 6.3 metres. Spotlights in the stalks cause the grass to glow magically.

Sarastro's world is represented by the golden hemisphere, his throne in the shape of a hand, and eight hands ranged round the dome and up to three metres high. The hands spell out the priest's name in sign language.

Two turtle heads appearing to float on the water project from the turtle shell. The ugly head of a water snake, whose mouth opens pneumatically, also swims by.

Another element of the stage set that is visible from far away is the trio of dragon dogs – Bregenz's landmark for two summers.