Festival Breakfast

Meeting the artists in person

You see them on the stage, read about them in the papers and occasionally see them about town at the shops, the market or the open-air swimming pool. During the summer, singers, instrumentalists, conductors and actors appearing at the festival bring a special atmosphere to the provincial capital and we share our living space with them. At the Festival Breakfasts, you have the opportunity to meet them in person.

The Friends of the Bregenz Festival in association with the broadcaster ORF Vorarlberg are organising a series of Festival Breakfasts where you can get to know artists, performers and staff at the festival. On four Sundays during the festival, different guests will be invited to the Festspielhaus to speak about themselves, their profession, their life, about what brought them to Lake Constance and what they particularly like about Bregenz. There will also be a chance to enjoy a relaxed breakfast. The hall opens for breakfast at 9 a.m. and the interview will last from 9.30 to about 10.15 a.m.

More information will be published in November 2018!

Bettina Barnay | Jasmin Ölz