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Vivid orchestral colour, surprise effects, colossal proportions: the orchestral concerts give a sense of the richness of European music since the 18th century.

As French composer Bizet invented a Spanish sound-palette in Carmen, so Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Manuel de Falla later combined French and Spanish elements in their music. The Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra performs one of the best known French symphonies and shows Olivier Messiaen looking back in humility at the ever-smiling Mozart. A delirious passion is dramatically depicted by Hector Berlioz in his Symphonie fantastique. The most famous sibling love in operatic history, that of Siegmund and Sieglinde in Wagner's Die Walküre, is an overpowering passion fraught with danger. It becomes incandescent under the baton of Philippe Jordan – chief conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra – and interpreted by international star singers.

Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Antonio Méndez

24 July 2017 – 7.30 p.m., Festspielhaus

Andalusia, where Bizet's Carmen is set, is also where the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla was born. The frank, though sophisticated musicality of his homeland imbues his evocation of nights in the gardens of Spain. De Falla became famous above all for his ballet The Three-Cornered Hat. For several years he lived in Paris, where he was friends with Claude Debussy. The latter composer strove to capture the scents of the night in Spain in his orchestral piece Iberia. A Spanish flavour is also to be found in Maurice Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major, side by side with jazz elements and of course the great pianistic tradition.

Conductor Antonio Méndez
Piano Javier Perianes

  • Claude Debussy Iberia. Images for orchestre, no. 2
  • Manuel de Falla Nights in the Gardens of Spain
  • Maurice Ravel Concerto for Piano and Orchestrain G major
  • Manuel de Falla The Three-Cornered Hat, Suites 1 and 2

DURATION 1 hours 50 minutes (including interval)

Introductory Talk

Starts 45 minutes before the show and is free of charge

Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Philippe Jordan

30 July 2017 – 11.00 a.m. , Festspielhaus

The composer of Moses in Egypt won praise from Richard Wagner for his "most brilliant frivolity" which tore down "all the remnants of the older Italian school". Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche found an antidote to Wagner's music, which he originally admired, in Bizet's Carmen – describing it as "perfect [and] amiable" music that "does not sweat". Nietzsche's judgement has done nothing to detract from the popularity of Wagner's music, however. Day one of Wagner's tetralogy The Ring of the Nibelung opens with the forbidden love between the siblings Siegmund and Sieglinde. The Wälsung couple meet again at the beginning of Die Walküre after years of separation; Siegfried will issue from their union.

Conductor Philippe Jordan
Sieglinde Martina Serafin
Siegmund Andreas Schager
Hunding Kwangchul Youn

  • Richard Wagner Siegfried Idyll
  • Richard Wagner The Valkyrie Act One

DURATION 1 hours 40 minutes (including interval)

Introductory Talk

Starts 45 minutes before the show and is free of charge

Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Mazzola

7 August 2017 – 7.30 p.m., Festspielhaus

The passionate and despairing but also distinctly creepy love story of the main figure in French composer Hector Berlioz' Symphonie fantastique is told purely instrumentally. The idée fixe of an artist's love recurs musically in all the movements, from the dream to the witches' sabbath. Many musical effects from the thunderous timpani passage to the lugubrious quotation of the "Dies irae" make this work into an orchestral drama. There is drama, too, in the interactions of the solo voice of the percussion instrument with the orchestra in Cassiopeia by Greek composer Minas Borboudakis. The fantastical was also an interest of Ernest Guiraud, who transformed the dialogues of Bizet's Carmen into recitative.

Conductor Enrique Mazzola
Percussion Dimitris Desyllas

  • Ernest Guiraud Chasse fantastique, symphonic poem
  • Minas Borboudakis Cassiopeia for percussion and strings
  • Hector Berlioz Symphonie fantastique

DURATION 1 hours 40 minutes (including interval)

Introductory Talk

Starts 45 minutes before the show and is free of charge

Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, Gérard Korsten

20 August 2017 – 11.00 a.m., Festspielhaus

César Franck's Symphony in D minor is, with Hector Berlioz' Symphonie fantastique, one of the most significant orchestral works in French music. Its themes constantly appear in different harmonic guises, which unsettled Franck's colleagues when the work was premiered in 1889. The finale brings together all the previously heard themes in what is a remarkable experience for the listener. One hundred years later Olivier Messiaen commemorated the 200th anniversary of Mozart's death with a piece he entitled "A Smile" because, the French composer said, Mozart had always smiled in spite of all his suffering. Mozart is known as a pianist, but he also played the violin and may have been one of the performers in his Sinfonia concertante, a work brilliantly combining the virtuoso solo concerto with symphonic form.

Conductor Gérard Korsten
Violin Paweł Zalejski
Viola Piotr Szumieł

  • Olivier Messiaen Un sourire
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in E flat major KV 364 (320d)
  • César Franck Symphony in D minor

DURATION 1 hours 40 minutes (including interval)

Introductory Talk

Starts 45 minutes before the show and is free of charge


16 July 2017 - 10.00 a.m.
Pfarrkirche Mariahilf

Bregenz Festival Choir
Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Wolfgang Schwendinger


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