Opera Atelier

Insight Session

Since 2018, it is possible to experience how an opera comes into existence. Bregenz Festival invites everyone to follow the process and learn of the ideas that have been dismissed and those that have been realized, of the challenges faced in the process and the steps taken until a premiere is finally within arm's reach. Together with the Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz Festival offers insight sessions which present an individual approach to the acoustic and visual ideas and how they are implemented.

Composer Alexander Moosbrugger and visual artist Flaka Haliti werde chosen for the second project of the opera atelier. In his music, the composer, who was born in the Bregenzerwald, expands our listening habits by rediscovering Renaissance sound systems and reinterpreting them for out time. In a very playful way, his music makes our perceptions float as if we were dreaming.

Dreams and their often astonishing phantasies are also part of the fascinating book on which the opera Wind is based: Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, printed for the first time in 1499 in Venice. Searching for his love, Polia, Poliphilo wanders through wondrous gardens and marvelous buildings, which are depicted in 172 woodcut illustrations. 

Artworks such as dream descriptions are a rich sourche of inspiration for Flaka Haliti and her space on the Werkstattbühne. Very often, the visual artist, who was born in Kosovo, shows a fine form of humour in her work, which sets seemingly mundane things into a greater social context. So far, her work has been shown in the mumok and in the Kunsthalle in Wien as well as in the Kunsthalle in Lingen, the Kunsthaus in Hamburg, the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin and the Museum Ludwig in Colonge. Furthermore, her piecer were presented at the Biennale in Venice in 2015. 

The whole process includes the development of an organ for the Werkstattbühne, which is supported by the international Vorarlberg-based business Rieger-Orgelbau. Until its scheduled premiere in summer 2021, additional events will offer further insights about the progress. The programming of the instrument on-site is supposed to be partly open to the public as well. 

KunsthausBregenz-Einblick5-2019 - v.l.n.r.: Olaf Schmitt (Moderation), Alexander Moosbrugger (Komponist), Flaka Haliti (Raum), Hagen Matzeit (Poliphilo) und Johannes Ötzbrugger (Laute)
Einblick 5 - v.l.n.r.: Olaf Schmitt (Moderation), Alexander Moosbrugger (Komponist), Flaka Haliti (Raum), Hagen Matzeit (Poliphilo) und Johannes Ötzbrugger (Laute)
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick5-2019-Flaka Haliti und Olaf Schmitt - Bühnenpräsentation
Einblick 5 - Olaf Schmitt und Flaka Haliti
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick5-2019-Alexander Moosbrugger
Einblick 5: Alexander Moosbrugger
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick5-2019-Johannes Ötzbrugger-Lautenspieler
Einblick 5 - Lautenspieler Johannes Ötzbrugger
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Rieger Orgelbau Schwarzach-Einblick3-2019-Klangmöglichkeiten der Orgel
Einblick 3: Alexander Moosbrugger
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Rieger Orgelbau Schwarzach-Einblick3-2019-Alexander Moosbrugger spielt Orgel
Einblick 3: Alexander Moosbrugger
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Rieger Orgelbau Schwarzach-Einblick3-2019-Wendelin Eberle
Einblick 3: Wendelin Eberle (Geschäftsführer Rieger Orgelbau) & Olaf A. Schmitt
Zur Vollbild-Ansicht
Rieger Orgelbau Schwarzach-Einblick3-2019-Alexander Moosbrugger und Flaka Haliti
Einblick 3: Alexander Moosbrugger & Flaka Haliti
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick2-2018-Flaka Haliti, Polly Ester
Einblick 2: Flaka Haliti und Polly Ester
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Kunsthaus Bregenz - Einblick2-  2018 - Flaka Haliti
Einblick 2: Flaka Haliti
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick2-2018-Olaf Schmitt, Flaka Haliti, Polly Ester
Einblick 2: v. l. n. r.: Olaf A. Schmitt, Flaka Haliti und Polly Ester
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick1-2018-Neues Projekt von Alexander Moosbrugger
Einblick 1: v.l.n.r.: Carina Samitz (Flöte), Markus Beer (Klarinette), Christina Burchardt (Violine) und Detlef Mielke (Violoncello)
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick1-2018-Flaka Haliti und Olad A. Schmitt
Einblick 1: v.l.n.r.: Flaka Haliti, Olaf A. Schmitt, Alexander Moosbrugger
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick1-2018-Flaka Haliti
Einblick 1: Flaka Haliti
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KunsthausBregenz-Einblick1-2018-Alexander Moosbrugger
Einblick 1: Alexander Moosbrugger
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  • Insight Session NO. 6

    Insight 6 Session on January 12, 2021 will not take place! An alternative date will be announced at a later date.

    Insight session no. 6 will take place in German language.

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