Lohn der Nacht

Bernhard Studlar

World premiere
In German language

Co-production with Theater KOSMOS


5 August 2021 - 8.00 p.m., Theater KOSMOS

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An opera diva and mother alone with her feelings and her nanny, a self-confident football star in a sports car, and a scrupulous policeman who feels lonely and holds fast to a bridge railing and a beer can.

The latest play by Vienna-born author Bernhard Studlar links characters and places in a fast-paced, witty and surprising way. While the singer is on stage for the first time over a year ago, she believes her child to be safe and sound in the hotel room. But in fact the young nanny roves the city at night with the pram having unexpected encounters which the diva knows nothing of as she sips Champagne with a patron after the show. At the hot dog stand, life-changing decisions are weighed and attempts are made to explain the world.

Bernhard Studlar’s play Lohn der Nacht (“wages of the night”) has been named winner of the Austrian Theatre Alliance competition. Together with Bregenz Festival the alliance had invited submissions for a theatre text on the subject of the arrogance of capital. The play was originally planned for the same summer season as the new production of Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly on the Seebühne in Bregenz, but now it will premiere as a forerunner to that opera. The play is a co-production with Theater KOSMOS in Bregenz and will subsequently be performed at the other Theatre Alliance venues.

Stage director Jana Vetten
Stage | Costume Eugenia Leis
Music Öğünç Kardelen

Carla Lilly Prohaska
Diva Zeynep Buyrac
Billie Lara Sienczak
Mimo Luka Vlatkovic
Mäzen/Kopf Marcus Thill
Polizist/Bier Till Frühwald

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