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Bregenz Festival’s youth programme Junge Festspiele, inspires kids and young adults to take an interest in the exciting world of theatre and music. The diverse program encourages young people to not only watch and listen, but get actively involved themselves.


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  • Die Zeitreisemaschine | 12 & 13 May 2022

    Family opera

    This year, our young guests can look forward to Die Zeitreisemaschine, and opera by Detlef Heusinger that introduces kids and young adults to the composer Gioachino Rossini, who was celebrated like a popstar in the century before last.
    Die Zeitreisemaschine is a family opera in the true sense of the word: the siblings Felix and Frida use a time machine to travel to Paris to meet with Gioachino Rossini. After all, their grandfather had always dreamt about the “good old times”. But the famous composer eats and stays in bed all day and has given up composing! Rossini’s butler Figaro and his wife and muse Isabella remind the children of their parents, just as Rossini himself somehow reminds them of their grandfather. As time passes, Felix and Frida increasingly want to come back to the present.

    For primary school students and 1st & 2nd grade students of secondary schools or higher general secondary schools.

    There will be a workshop for teachers in the spring of 2022. More information will be available in January 2022.

    For school groups 12 & 13 May 2022 – 10.00 a.m.
    For families 12 May 2022 – 6.00 p.m.
    DURATION 70 minutes
    AGE 6–12 
    PRICES EUR 14 per person, EUR 12 per person for school groups and family pass holders

    Musical Director Lutz Rademacher
    Stage Director | Stage Designer Detlef Heusinger
    Stage Designer Johannes Fried
    Costume Designer Theresa Wilson
    Video Designer Judith Selenko
    Dramaturge Elisabeth Wirtz
    Ensemble and the Symphonische Orchester of the Landestheaters Detmold

    Co-production with the Landestheater Detmold and the SWR Experimentalstudio, cooperation with Superar Vorarlberg

  • Vergissmeinnicht

    An adventurous concert about loving life and music fixing everything.

    Four friends live together in a home for the elderly. Time and again, they ask themselves: Was that it? Often they talk about the past, about the Far North, the magic of the East, about China, Japan and stormy sea voyages. One of the four has fallen ill. He has trouble remembering, and sometimes he does not recognize his friends anymore. There is one thing he still remembers though: the music of the old days and the stories connected to them. One of these stories inspires the four friends and they make a decision: they run away and leave the retirement home behind, to a place where palm trees grow and the sea breeze whistles funny melodies. To Panama or Shanghai – or what is that country called again? The staged concert tells the story of four old people, who set out on a journey once more and sing against forgetting. The journey is more important than the destination. With music from Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, China and Japan.

    For families 19 June 2022 – 10.30 a.m. (Note: The 5:00 p.m. performance has been canceled)
    For school groups 20 & 21 June 2022 – 9.00 a.m. und 10.30 p.m.

    DURATION approx. 60 minutes
    AGE 6–12 
    PRICES EUR 8, EUR 6 for school groups and family pass holders

    Musicians | Actors Martin Schelling, Stefan Dünser, Goran Kovacevic, Martin Deuring
    Director Sara Ostertag
    Co-Director Michèle Rohrbach
    Stage Designer Nina Ball
    Lighting Desginer Matthias Zuggal

    A cooperation with Lucerne Festival, KölnMusik, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Aktion Demenz, Demenz Liechtenstein and the State Government of Vorarlberg.

  • Backstage-Tours

    There is a lot to discover during our backstage tours: technical details and artistic secrets are revealed while you get the chance to take a glimpse behind the scenes.

    For school groups and groups of kids and young adults
    30 May – 21 August 2022
    Seebühne | Festspielhaus (reservation necessary)

    DURATION 40 minutes
    PRICE free

  • Opera Workshops

    The opera workshops invite you to take a look at Madama Butterfly from the actors’ perspective. Under the guidance of theatre teachers from the project “Opernschlüssel”, participants bring to life Puccini’s characters and his famous music.

    30 June – 7 July 2022

    DURATION 2 hours (from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., reservation necessary)
    AGE 9 and above

  • Fest des Kindes

    During the first week of the summer holidays, Bregenz Festival offers a program for young theatre enthusiasts. They get to have a taste of the multifaceted world of musical theatre. In various creative workshops, they learn singing and dancing, create costumes and stage props, and at the end of the week perform their own show in front of an audience.

    11 – 15 July 2022
    Schule Weidach

    Final show
    17 July 2022 – 2.00 p.m.

    DURATION every day from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
    AGE 6 – 11
    PRICES EUR 75, EUR 110 including lunch

  • crossculture week

    The crossculture week is all about the love for music and theatre, team spirit and individual initiative. During seven days, young people get the chance to improve their own musical skills and work towards a joint band performance. With the help of professionals, the participants put together a concert program and musically support the sporty yet theatrical show Arthur – The Sportical. The audience can look forward to a fun jam session and the croscculture night after that.

    11 – 15 July 2022
    Theatre KOSMOS

    16 July performance during the crossculture night

    DURATION everyday between 10.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
    AGE 14 – 20

  • crossculture night

    The crossculture night is a day completely focused on the opera Madama Butterfly. Young people get the chance to discover different fields and become a part of the fascinating world of opera themselves by participating in workshops, tours and a number of other activities. The vorarlberg museum and the Kunsthaus Bregenz open their doors and make art and culture tangible. Do not miss out on the program in front of the Festspielhaus where the bands that were formed during the crossculture week strike up and Arthur – The Sportical take us on an acrobatic and theatrical journey into the land of the legendary king. The highlight of the day is the performance of Madama Butterfly on the Seebühne.

    16 July 2022
    Seebühne | Festspielhaus

    The program will be published on our website in May 2022.

    AGE 14 – 26 

  • crossculture projects

    There is a lot to discover and explore at the Junge Festspiele, Bregenz Festival’s youth program. If you want to find out more about the world of opera or realize your own ideas, you are most welcome to do so.

    For more information on the program series Junge Festspiele, please contact us at jungefestspiele@bregenzerfestspiele.com