Music & Poetry (cancelled)

23 July 2023 | Kleist


23 July 2023 - 7.30 p.m.
Festspielhaus | Seestudio

Lisbon, 1 November 1755. A disastrous earthquake and the massive tsunami following it almost destroyed the Portuguese capital. The catastrophe also shattered the rational worldview of European intellectuals. Decades later, philosophers still argue whether there can be an almighty and omnibenevolent god in view of this tragedy and the immeasurable pain of the people. Heinrich von Kleist also got involved in the discussion. In his novella The Earthquake in Chile, he paints a grim picture of humanity. Is everything just coincidence? Actor Ulrich Matthes, who some may remember from his last performance as Don Quijote, now returns to Bregenz for the stone cold and emotionally distant text The Broken Jug.

Reading Ulrich Matthes
Violin Sandra Marttunen, Anita Martinek
Viola Guy Speyers
Violoncello Mathias Johansen

Franz Schubert String Quartet No. 4 in C Major D 46

DURATION approx. 90 minutes (no intermission)

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