Bregenz Festival

The sponsors and partners of Bregenz Festival are organisations that value the history and tradition of Bregenz Festival, founded in 1946, and are convinced of the Festival's uniqueness and innovative capacity.

Various sponsorship categories – Co-Sponsor, Production / Project Sponsor, and Principal Sponsor, depending on the level of commitment – make it possible for all companies, whether medium-sized (family) businesses or international corporations, to become part of Bregenz Festival.

  • Principal Sponsors
    Through their dedication, Principal Sponsors provide major support for our Festival programme.
    Principal Sponsors are embedded in marketing and communications on all levels and enjoy exceptional brand exposure during the opera on the lake stage in addition to many other exclusive benefits.
  • Production / Project Sponsors
    Production / Project Sponsors make it possible for selected artistic productions or technical projects to go ahead, which they present exclusively.
  • Co-Sponsors
    Co-Sponsors likewise contribute to the running of the Festival, making a commitment that is visible to all visitors, partly through the provision of certain services.

By their commitment to the arts, companies can demonstrate social responsibility and will benefit in return from a host of attractive advantages – marketing and communications, tickets and special events – and from the opportunity to present themselves before more than 200,000 visitors per year.

Every sponsorship package is tailored to the individual interests of our corporate partners. We will collaborate with you in developing sponsorship strategies that suit your corporate objectives and support a positive image transfer to your brands.

Become part of a unique festival!

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