Safety Measures

Festtage and Guided Tours, 6 July to 22 August 2020


In order to allow contact tracing – tracking infection chains in suspicious cases – to be carried out as rapidly as possible, only personalised tickets will be issued. The data will be gathered and processed in compliance with our Privacy Policy. When there is a suspected infection case, this information will be relayed to the public health authority. This means that admission to an event will only be granted to a person whose name is printed on the ticket. For this purpose the following contact information will be recorded when a ticket is purchased:

  • ticket purchaser: first name, family name, address, telephone number, email address (where applicable).
  • visitor: first name, family name

People attending events must present their identity card or passport for inspection when entering the venue. Transfer of personalised tickets is only possible in exceptional cases and will be effected by the Bregenz Festival Ticket Center for a fee of EUR 5 per ticket.


Specific seats will be allocated and some seats will be left empty in line with legal requirements. These are essential components of the safety and hygiene plan. A visitor may only occupy the seat with the number that is printed on his/her ticket.

Public health regulations 

In addition to maintaining due physical distance and because this is not always practicable (e.g. in the auditorium), visitors must bring and wear a protective face cover over their nose and mouth. The protective face cover can only be removed during the performance itself. 

Before entering the Festspielhaus building, visitors must disinfect their hands. Hand sanitisers can also be found in the toilets.

Customers wishing to purchase tickets are asked to use our online shop or pay without cash at the venue.

When coughing or sneezing, visitors must cover their mouth and nose with a tissue. If they don’t have a tissue to hand, they should cough or sneeze into their elbow, not into their hand.

There will be no intervals and no catering in order to keep the contact rate as low as possible.

In order to reduce cash payments to a minimum at the events of the Festtage 2020, there will be no charge for programme booklets, programme leaflets or the cloakroom.

Bregenzer Festival 2021

The authorities have not yet announced any assessments or guidelines concerning the period July and August 2021.


Last updated: 6. July 2020