Terms and Conditions

Guided Tours For Groups
AGB Führungen
  • Any booking of a guided tour at the Bregenz Festival whether in writing, by telephone or made in person is binding.
  • A confirmation of the booking will be sent via email and requires confirmation on behalf of the costumer.
  • The price for groups of 20 people or more is EUR 7,50 per person. For smaller groups at least 20 people are charged. Children up to 10 years are free but must be registered. Guided tours for school classes are free of charge. 10% VAT is charged for cultural events.
  • Groups of more than 30 people require an additional guide. Thus, bigger groups will be divided into separate groups. Should a group consist of more than 30 people on the day of the tour, without the additional guests having been reported to the organizer, only 30 people will be permitted on the tour.
  • Please note that the number of participants must be stated including accompanying persons, teachers, couriers etc.
  • Our paid tour guides are reserved exclusively for the group. Groups that require two or more guides according to the booking information, but arrive with a considerably reduced number of participants on the day of the tour, will be charged an additional cancellation fee for the guide(s) not required.
  • Changes regarding the size of the group must be announced no later than one week before the tour date (subject to availability). After this time no changes can be made and the specified number of participants will be charged.
  • Tours can be cancelled free of charge up to one week before the tour date. The cancellation must be announced in writing. If the tour is not cancelled on time or if the group fails to show up, the full price will be charged. For school classes the following arrangement is valid in this case: each participant will be charged EUR 7,50.
  • Tours start exactly at the time that was contractually agreed upon. Should the group arrive delayed, the tour will be shortened accordingly and will not extend the agreed period of time.
  • Due to rehearsals, construction work and weather conditions the tour program may be restricted. These restrictions do not entitle the participants to cancel or change their guided tour.