Georges Bizet

Opera in four acts (1875)
Libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy
based on the novella by Prosper Mérimée
Sung in French with German surtitles

19 July 2018 - 09.15 p.m., Seebühne

»Diamonds! Spades! ... Death!« The cards Carmen is using to tell her own fortune do not augur well. She will die, followed by Don José. Briefly in love with him, she then spurns him because he’s not ready to follow her unconditionally and live as a smuggler. She then welcomes the advances of the bullfighter Escamillo.

The fateful moment when Carmen throws the cards into the air gave Es Devlin the idea for her stage design on Lake Constance. The British stage designer has created sets for pop acts like Adele, U2, Take That, the Pet Shop Boys and Kanye West. The playing cards in Kasper Holten’s production can do much more than tell fortunes: they are performing areas for soloists, choral singers, dancers, stuntmen and smugglers. Also, projections on their surface conjure up the different worlds of bullfighting, cartomancy and passionate love.

The melody that French composer Georges Bizet found for the passion of soldier Don José has become immortal, as has the song Carmen sings when she comes out of the cigarette factory where she works, her famous Habanera about the unruliness of love. Her wild dance in Lillas Pastia’s bar, the Seguidilla, the Toreador’s Song and the march into the bullfighting arena are “earworms” too all over the world.

For the Danish stage director Kasper Holten this »opera about destiny and obsession« centres on »two people who are treated as outsiders, whose paths cross and who cling to each other in a passionate but unhealthy relationship«.

Music director Paolo Carignani | Jordan de Souza
Stage director Kasper Holten
Stage designer Es Devlin
Video designer Luke Halls
Costume designer Anja Vang Kragh
Lighting designer Bruno Poet
Sound designer Gernot Gögele | Alwin Bösch
Choral director Lukáš Vasilek | Benjamin Lack
Choral director children's choir Wolfgang Schwendinger
Choreographer Signe Fabricius
Stunt choreographer Ran Arthur Braun
Dramaturg Olaf A. Schmitt

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