Gloria – a pigtale

Satirical opera by HK Gruber at the Kornmarkt

Sung in English with explanations in German

Premiere 31 July 2014 – 7.30 p.m.
Duration: 1.15 hours (no interval)

HK Gruber's Gloria – a pigtale tells the story of a pig called Gloria who falls in love with a butcher. Only the wild boar Rodrigo can save her. After she has been thrown out of the pigsty by her own kin as a result of her abnormality, Gloria encounters a number of strangely comical figures. They all encourage the piglet in the belief that one day she will meet the prince she has dreamed of for so long. Just as Gloria is finally about to abandon herself to the butcher, she is rescued by Rodrigo. And together they live happily ever after, even though Rodrigo is none too pleased by the idea of walking into the trap of marriage with children. Amid alpine yodellers, Hollywood sausages, blues singing oxen and a chorus of frogs, a narrow-minded society with far-right political tendencies becomes apparent, and is satirised through the cabaret style of the time of the Weimar Republic. The stage set shows a curious butcher's shop, in which five human sausages perform and a big band plays music of a wide range of styles from jazz and blues via Bavarian brass to Mahler and Wagner. The piece shows that people are capable of deceiving themselves and going astray without the influence of external factors. Put more crudely, at the end of the day we are meat packaged in skin. But that doesn't mean we can't dream. For the opposite of sausage is love. 

Frederic Wake-Walker, director

Additional performance
2 August – 7.30 p.m.

Category 1 - 45,00 Euro
Category 2 - 26,00 Euro

Introductory talk one hour before the performance begins, at the Vorarlberg Landestheater. Ticket price: 7,00 euro.

A co-production with Mahogany opera group (Opera group), Buxton Festival